What Is Follow For Free?
Your free followers see only what you let them and have the ability to purchase your paid media and Livestream content, message you, and order custom products and video chats. To change this option, navigate to the Offers section in your profile settings.
Lucy Forbes 

My banking information is incorrect
Your payout cannot be completed if your banking information is incorrect. If you don’t make the necessary changes, your payout will be declined, and your payout frequency will be changed from auto to manual.
Spring Ferrara 

What information do I need to get started on FAN5?
To start earning on FAN5 you need to provide further information about yourself: upload your cover image, avatar, fill out your banking information, provide verified and valid photo ID (driver's license, passport etc...) be approved, and start creating
Elena Ogorodnikova 

How do I reset my password?
In order to reset your password select Forgot Password on the login page of FAN5. Type the email linked to your FAN5 account and select Send. FAN5 will send you a link to reset your password. Type in your new password and select Confirm.
Nyala Murrell 

Why isn’t my video/post uploading?
In order to successfully upload a video/post creators must stay on the page until the content is finished uploading. Clicking onto a different page will disrupt the uploading process and you’ll need to start over.
Nyala Murrell